Resources for Business Buyers

Understand Your Options > Find the Right Business > Make an Offer > Get Financing > Close the Deal

Step 1: Understand Your Options - Know What to Look For 

Advantages of Buying a Business vs Starting a New Business
Reasons why buying an existing business may increase your chances of success now

Buying a Small Business vs a Big Business — Why Size Matters
How to look at and evaluate a small business 

Before You Buy - Recognizing Small Business Value Drivers
Small business value goes beyond financials

Buying A Business? How to Decide the Best Business to Own
Important considerations to help you determine the best business for you 

Buying a Franchise vs An Existing Business - What to Consider
Important points to keep in mind when considering a franchise 

Step 2: Find the Right Business to Buy - Search and Evaluate

Beginning Your Search - Where to Find a Business for Sale 
Online resources, tools and professionals to connect you to the best opportunities

How to Spot the Best Business to Buy - Preliminary Due Diligence
Initial filters to help determine if a business is a good fit based on your buying criteria

Evaluating a Business for Sale - What to Ask the Owner
How to get a much clearer picture about the business and what it has to offer

Buying a Small Business - Three Key Areas to Focus on During Your Search
The most important aspects to look at in a small business to determine its true worth

Step 3: Make an Offer - Valuation and Negotiation

What to Look for In Small Business Financial Documents 
How to look beyond tax returns and assess the financial strength of a small business 

Valuing a Small Business - Determining Its Earning Potential
Find out how much a business is actually making and what you can make once you take over 

6 Rules of Thumb for Business Valuation
A comprehensive review of valuation methods for small business purchases

How to Make An Offer When Purchasing a Business
Best practices on negotiating price, down payment and workable terms and conditions 

Effective Negotiation Tactics to Get the Best Deal on a Business for Sale
How to set goals, requirements and limitations that protect you and work in your favor

Step 4: Get Financing - Know What's Available to You

What Is Seller Financing For Business?
Owners can benefit from a greater pool of potential buyers and a quicker sale, while buyers can receive additional incentives

The Dos and Donts of Seller Financing
Assess the risks, leverage the benefits and thoroughly evaluate the arrangement 

Demystifying SBA Loans for Buying a Business or Franchise
The facts on how they can be used, how to qualify and what advantages they offer 

Alternative Lending and Other Financing Options for Buying a Business
Beyond traditional banks - the many ways to obtain funding to buy a business or franchise

Step 5: Close the Deal - Due Diligence and Ownership

3 Professionals to Have on Your Team When Buying a Business
Having an experienced attorney, accountant and broker on your side can make all the difference 

Due Diligence Checklist - What to Verify Before Buying a Business
All the items you should review and verify before finalizing the deal 

Preparing for Due Diligence - What Sellers Want to Know About Business Buyers
Verifying a buyer's financial strength, business acumen, reputation and credibility 

Closing the Sale and Securing the Deal
Now that you've found a suitable buyer, here's how to get ready for closing day

Checklist for Transitioning to New Ownership
Pertinent items that must be addressed before a business is transferred to the new owner

Industry Specific Tips


Buying a Restaurant Business - The Industry Outlook and Market Trends
Consumer demands, key market trends and influence of technology

Key Success Factors In Owning and Operating a Restaurant Business
What owners need to focus on to attract business and remain profitable

7 Key Areas to Evaluate Before Buying a Restaurant
How to recognize a good opportunity - consider these important things

Three Methods of How to Finance a Restaurant
Compare the pros and cons of each method and what you need to qualify

Restaurant Valuation Rules of Thumb - Using the Assets-in-place Method
Determining the fair market value of a restaurant as an asset sale

More Rules of Thumb for Restaurant Valuation - Using the Going-concern Method
Steps to determining the value of restaurant being sold as a going concern

5 Ways to Reduce Risk When Buying a Restaurant as a Going Concern
Look out for these risk factors in restaurant sold as a going concern

Home Health Care:

Buying a Home Health Care Business: The Industry’s Outlook and What’s Driving It
Why this industry is growing, consumer demand and service opportunities

Strategies for Owning and Operating a Home Health Care Business
What's required to operate a successful home health care business

Gas Stations:

Buying a Gas Station Business: The Industry’s Outlook and What’s Driving It
How this industry is changing and what owners should know about the market

Strategies for Owning and Operating a Successful Gas Station Business
Major components of this industry and changing market conditions

Dry Cleaners:

Buying a Dry Cleaning Business - Industry Highlights and Trends
Major components of this industry and changing market conditions

Strategies for Owning a Successful Dry Cleaning Business
How owners are finding new ways to be successful and remain competitive

Other Industries:

Buying a Retail Business
The peculiarities to consider when buying a retail operation

Buying a Liquor Store
Key considerations, pitfalls and legal issues

Buying an Internet Business
How online businesses differ from brick and mortar 

Three Hotel Acquisition Tips
Valuable information about hotel acquisition

After the Purchase