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Detailed Information

Capital Required
$173,000 - $340,000

Liquid Capital

Net Worth

Financing Assistance
Available Via Third Party

Training and Support

Initial Franchise Fee

CEO Name
Chad Olson

Existing Units



RESALE is HOT! ...It's more popular & accepted than ever. In just 12 years, Clothes Mentor® has grown to 136 stores located across 30 states. Owning a Clothes Mentor Women’s Fashion Resale Store is Smart Business for Both You and Your Community.

There are a lot of franchises out there and a lot of good ideas, but Clothes Mentor is one of the best to come along in a long time. There have been consignment shops and thrift stores, but there hasn't been anything to the level of Clothes Mentor. Clothes Mentor is an upscale fashion resale store – a whole new and different idea. Resale fashion apparel is a growing trend that seeing exploding growth. It is currently a $24 Billion dollar industry and is expected to double by 2023.

Clothes Mentor is a fantastic way for you to make money – a great return on your investment with superior Gross Profit Margins of 66.75%. Approximately 1/3 of our franchisees, operate or have signed on for additional Clothes Mentor stores, further building their incomes and personal net worth.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Resale – Not Consignment

Unlike consignment and thrift stores, Clothes Mentor pays customers cash on-the-spot right over the counter to buy their great condition apparel, shoes, and designer purses.

Paying cash is always a great incentive. We also only take in high quality, designer and better brand clothing that we like to call "gently-used". We're picky because, if your customer is looking at high quality designer clothing, they are looking at high quality resale designer clothing.

You won't find tears, you won't find stains, and it will be organized, smell fresh and new, and be unlike anything else that is out there – because our apparel and accessories are not only like new, they are new to you and in new shape.

High-End Without the High Prices = Return On Investment

Why is this a great franchise concept? First of all, resale is hot. People like purchasing things that are almost new and they like being kind to the environment. But, mostly it's because women will always like clothing.

They want to have a style of their own, follow trends if they want to, and have the opportunity to have high-end designs when they feel like it – and let's face it, the chance to change their minds – without breaking the bank to do it. Because we also sell accessories, including shoes and jewelry, it allows them to change up their whole outfit and look polished and chic without spending their mortgage payment on it.

Great Support Means a Great Business for You

What this translates to you, as the franchisee, is a hot concept that is only going to get bigger. What else makes us different? We offer tremendous support to our franchisees – from solid training to unmatched advocacy.

Our training is intense and allows you to know your business really well, but you also have a support team behind you that helps you with your transactions (using innovative and current software), offers solid guidance, and has decades of experience behind them. Our directors and support staff have many years of doing this and we have it down to a science.

Ideal Candidate

Common Traits of Our Successful Clothes Mentor Store Owner(s) aka Franchisee(s):

You desire a business that is both rewarding, fun and interesting to operate. Fashions & style change and our inventories change daily – keeping it exciting for all

  • You are college educated
  • You have mid to upper level management experience
  • You are living in a more prosperous suburb
  • You see an opportunity to grow income and build equity for you and/or your family’s future. The kids are now in school full-time or even college bound. One plans to stay with their career job while the other wants to start up the franchise business
  • You might be tired of your current career and making money for others
  • You may be the financial backer while your business partner is the invested operational partner who will run the franchise
  • You may be a parent who wants to invest in setting up your adult children in a business for them to own and operate the franchise for stability for their future
  • Your community is very important to you, you are part of it and give back in various ways
  • You want to be in a growing, sustainable industry. Resale is the fastest growing segment of today’s retail economy – it is appealing to those interested in being “green” re-use, recycle, and sustainability
  • You embrace technology to measure and maximize business growth, utilize eCommerce, social & digital media platforms, etc.



An Experienced Team to Help You Prosper Keep in mind, the idea of franchising is not new to us here at Clothes Mentor. Our team has over 25 years of experience in franchising and has put many franchise business brands on the map - making them successful quickly. Our enthusiasm, experience, and positive attitude only help you thrive in a competitive market. In that, Clothes Mentor sticks out – along with unparalleled support, guidance, and long-standing reputation.

Training And Support

Your Success is Our Success

As a business owner you may be investing your life savings. Why not do it with the support and expertise behind you that ensures your success? We help you in each step of the way – from finding the right location to securing good financing to helping you with a proven store-in-a-box concept to the grand opening to following you after you're opened.

Our support is unmatched in the industry, because your success is our success – and there is nothing we want more than to see your business soar to new heights in half the time it takes most franchises to make a profit.

Consider a franchise with Clothes Mentor and receive full training & support from the resale industry's most experienced team – we've been perfecting resale business models for over 25 years!


We conduct two separate, comprehensive training programs that provide our new owners with both pre-opening and post-opening classes ranging from business planning, financial management and real-estate selection to store operations, merchandising, inventory management and POS system training as well as a full week of in-store training.

Ongoing Support

You will be assigned a Franchise Business Consultant (FBC). This FBC serves as your small business consultant and is responsible for ensuring your success in all areas of your resale operation including financial performance, merchandising and customer service. To accomplish this, your FBC is in contact with you during numerous phases of your business including pre-opening, grand opening, grand opening follow-up, ongoing store visits, conferences, and most importantly monthly operations calls to ensure you are buying and selling the right things at the right time.


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